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Our Solutions

Introducing ELSA International solutions through ELSA Engineering Services and ELSA Innovation Services. Responding to the global crises of COVID-19 and global warming we do  propose to enter international game and compete on a global basis. ELSA International offers a wide range of consulting services with the necessary tools and expertise to support a sustained and sustainable international expansion. We partner with our clients to discover new opportunities and design high quality customized and scalable solutions.

ELSA Innovation

ELSA Innovation

We do support small-medium size innovative enterprises in their development and strategy on a global market. We identify and strengthen their competitive advantage to improve performance across their sales and service functions. We help our clients in new market penetration, solution or product’s launch on a new market or launching new innovative concepts. We support our partners from commercial strategy definition to sales pipeline construction to significantly raise their performance on a global market. 




Business Model Definition

We do define or re-define their business models, in order to determine the levers of value creation best suited to their activities. Our approach is to challenge and improve our customers' existing business models by analyzing new value chains opportunities. 

We do organize the launch of new products or solutions around the world. We provide comprehensive strategic & operational support to our clients to successfully launch and commercialize their new products.

Product Launch

Building Sales Pipeline

We support our clients in their international development by discovering opportunities they never imagined. We can build commercial pitch, identify and get in touch with new leads, prospection, qualification of opportunities, up to the generation of new deals and increase of our client’s turnover. 

We do share our network of local partners and we strive to support our clients in their search for new partners in order to support their innovation projects and development of new markets through collaborative work.


Global Development Strategy

We offer our customers a complete support in international strategy to make sure their products match with customer expectations (choice of positioning) and differentiate themselves from the competition (identification of competitive advantages) until implementation of the strategy. 

Manpower Outsourcing

We help innovative companies to extend their reach into Middle-East, South-East Asia, North America and Europe by providing manpower outsourcing services for sales experts and additional support profiles. 


ELSA Engineering

We do support Engineering Consulting Firms through the entire life cycle of their projects, from business development and opening of new markets to hiring experienced and reliable consultants. ELSA International’s strategy is based on providing excellence services to both clients and consultants. We master the entire environment of complex projects and hardship location logistics to make a difference. Our approach to project delivery combines sustainability, social responsibility and innovative technology to provide world class solutions.

ELSA Engineering

Road-Map Definition

We assist our clients in structuring a 360° roadmap exploring specific environment of the project (regulatory, geographical, persona marketing, etc.), defining strategy and scope of work to propose an ambitious long-term strategy and action plan.

We do engage with our historical clients to build new partnerships and we strive to open new clients’ account to support international expansion on the targeted geographical locations. 

Customer Portfolio Development

We do set-up an international recruitment strategy to fill the complex requirements of our clients. We have a deep network of high-level consultants ready-to-mobilize on international projects.  


World-Class Consultants



We do share our network of local partners to support international expansion in the Middle-East Region, West African Region and South-East Asian Region

Logistics & Mobilization

We do organize logistics and mobilizations of our consultant on hardship locations. This includes, visa management, payrolling management and we ensure the well-being of our consultants and satisfaction of our clients. 

P&L & Project Management

We do support projects of our clients from end-to-end and we make sure to reach the breakeven point in less than 6 months after starting our project. Our objective is to efficiently support working capital of our clients. 

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