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Our History

ELSA International has been created beginning of 2021 under the impulse of Nicolas DORMOIS. We decided to open international markets to innovative projects &

solutions by offering a wide range of consulting

services from market penetration to customer

portfolio expansion to help growing your business. 


ELSA International acts as a partner in the

long-term development of its clients. Our

company is driven by two main questions : 


1.  "Why international markets should be reserved to large groups and top players ? "

2. " Is it a smart move for your business? "


The enforcement of social distancing, lockdowns and other measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a new way to do business on a global basis. Have you ever dreamed of being based in Colorado and selling your products in Dubai? Digital technologies made it possible and ELSA International is here to support your expansion

History of Agency

Our Vision

ELSA International strives to enable all types of companies to compete on a global market. It doesn’t matter how big your company is, it doesn’t matter which kind of budget you

have as long as you support innovation.”

Our Mission

ELSA International’s single-minded mission is to dedicate our business processes , deep international expertise and worldwide resources to discover opportunities you may never have imagined.”

Our Added Value

Our experience

Our Experience

ELSA International designs and discovers new business opportunities to expand your firm in a sustainable way. We do not have any technology in-house but we make innovation of our clients bankable on a worldwide basis. With an understanding of emerging trends and industry disruptions, we uncover the untapped potential inside your business to develop it internationally.

Our Competences

We provide our international development expertise for leaders seeking sustained and sustainable growth. This includes market penetration, international strategy, implementation strategy or customer portfolio expansion. We consider what makes your business unique and use that to create a competitive advantage. We approach obstacles from all angles and develop a holistic view to move your business forward.

Our Competences
Our Network & Partners

Our Network & Partners

We do think on a global scale to set-up strategies and act locally to support day to day operations. Working with you, we share our ecosystem of partners, we find synergies and identify new business opportunities. Our Local Sales Representative & Business Partners use our expertise and capabilities to identify new business opportunities and establish connections in order to develop customer portfolio and support global expansion.

Believe in People

Believe in People

Believe in all clients & team members in their ability to achieve goals on a global basis regardless their background. 


Continue Innovation

Continue Innovating

Be curious; create and anticipate change. Encourage ideas; make it safe to bring ideas forward – it's okay to fail, and it's also okay to succeed as well.

Pursue Excellence

Pursue Excellence

Hold ourselves to the highest professional and ethical standards to ensure well-being of our employees and satisfy our clients.

Operations Area

Operations Area
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