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Elsa Innovation

Our projects

Since its creation, ELSA International has supported its clients in the development of their business development activities, exploring and developing unknown territories and discovering new business opportunities. ELSA International assists its clients in the development of sales strategies to develop the turnover of their product and service offerings in complex markets around the world. Our objective is to carefully select our clients supporting disruptive technologies and become part of their international development strategy. 

ELSA Innovation

Silicone AM / 3DP Solution

Silicone AM / 3DP Solution

Supporting our client in the deployment and promotion of a new Silicone Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing Solution (AM / 3DP). Additive Manufacturing is part of Industry 4.0 factory of the future and we do break with traditional manufacturing methods. Providing business development, market penetration and innovation management services. 

Industriy Convered

Industry Covered : 9

Qualified Leads

Qualified Leads : 69

Location Covered

Location Covered : NORAM / Western Europe / South America

Contacted Persons

Contacted Persons : 1752


Luxury COVID-related product

Supporting our client in its commercial strategy to cover the Middle-East Region. Upgrading product range positioning to luxury and managing pharmaceutical regulations in the Middle-East Region to set-up partnerships with wholesalers in UAE, KSA and Qatar to provide: Mask : (Man / Woman; Child / Adult); Hydro alcoholic Gel; Salivary COVID test ; Vaccine: Spoutnik V- certified.

Industry Covered

Industry Covered : 8 

Qualified Leads

Qualified Leads : 16

Location Covered

Location Covered : KSA / UAE Qatar 

Contacted Persons

Contacted Persons : 364

Luxury Covid-related product
Street art
Street-Art & Pop Art sponsoring

Street-Art & Pop-Art sponsoring

Supporting an international artist listed and part of the top 100 contemporary artist in the world. We are looking for investors to sponsor international tour of the artist from Dubai to Hong-Kong passing by New-York. Managing art-investment regulations in various region of the world. 

Industry Covered

Industry Covered : 6

Qualified Leads

Qualified Leads : 26

Location Covered

Location Covered : France

Contacted Persons

Contacted Persons : 643


Small Animal MRI revolution

Supporting our client in the deployment and promotion of their solution for the UAE, U.K. and Nordic Markets. MRI-based veterinary diagnosis solution relying on both cutting-edge technology and expert services. Organizing market penetration and managing complex sales-lifecycle from beginning to the end of implementation. 

Industry Covered

Industry Covered : 3

Location Covered

Location Covered :Western Europe Middle-East / Scandinavia

Qualified Leads

Qualified Leads : 21

Contacted Persons

Contacted Persons : 895

Small Animal Mri revolution
Real time Market Data Analysis

Real-time Market Data Analysis

Supporting our client in the deployment and promotion of their solution for the Middle-East Region and NORAM Region. A market testing tool dedicated to innovation using artificial intelligence-based algorithm to target the most relevant market players and anticipate market tendencies and understand better customer expectations. 

Industry Covered

Industry Covered : 15

Qualified Leads

Qualified Leads : 191

Location Covered

Location Covered : NORAM / Europe / Middle-East

Contacted Persons

Contacted Persons : 2814

International Business Strategy Education

Team members of ELSA International are encouraged to keep one foot in Educational World. It allows us to keep track of new tools, learn new international theories, improve our innovation management mindset and discover new talents. Some of our managers are part-time lecturer in International Business Strategy for recognized Business School to fill these requirements. 

International Business Strategy Education

ELSA Engineering

Elsa Engineerin

Engineering Consultancy

Objectives :

ELSA Engineering acts as “external international business unit” to expand our client’s services in the Middle-East and West-African Regions. Main goal is to open new accounts and territory for these regions, hire high-level consultants, organize mobilization and manage complex EPC and Oil & Gas Projects.

Our services :

Road-Map DefinitionWorking as partner with our client, we managed to set-up international expansion road-map including qualitative and quantitative objectives. 

Customer Portfolio Development: We do share our network of clients for the oil & gas and EPC sectors, mapping on-going and up-coming projects, organize sales meetings with purchasing and engineering departments up to signature of the deal and mobilization of the consultants. 

Hiring World-Class Consultants: We manage our network of consultants, mostly engineers with 5+ years of experience coming from various nationalities (Eastern Europe, South-East Asia and Western Europe). 

P&L and Project Management: As typical “Business Unit Manager” we keep track on our consultants, follow-up on the projects and we make sure to keep a positive balance for our profit & loss statement.

Logistics & Mobilization: ELSA International is in charge to set-up partnership with local partners, organize payrolling management and visa management for international consultants.

Enginnering Consultancy

Our client


• French Consultancy Company specializing in Engineering and Manpower Outsourcing

• 7,000 Employees Worldwide

• 300,000,000 € Turnover in 2021

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